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About Us

Our Vision

That people in New Zealand have lifelong opportunity for meaningful experiences and learning in the outdoors

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Who we are

EONZ is a national professional organisation supporting education outside the classroom (EOTC) and education outdoors.


Read our EONZ Position Statement on EOTC 


We take pride in being a grassroots organisation that connects strongly to our membership. We:

  • Foster and advocate for quality outdoor learning and safe practices
  • Are actively engaged in education outside the classroom and in the development of relationships and collaborations that will strengthen and enhance pedagogical content practices
  • Are committed to building the capacity of those working with young people in the outdoors

A nationally elected executive committee works on behalf of the membership, carrying both governance responsibilities and key roles and responsibilities across a range of EONZ activities. An executive officer works in a full-time capacity from a home office.


Find our EONZ Constitution (2014) 

How we can support you

 We can provide you with expert advice, resources and networking opportunities. We have the ability to construct and deliver professional development and training that includes:

  • Embedding outdoor education into curriculum
  • Sustainable curriculum
  • Teaching and learning in the outdoors or outside the school gates
  • Authentic learning contexts
  • Real-life contexts
  • Field trips
  • Camp planning
  • EOTC management
  • EOTC guidelines
  • Safety guidelines for outdoor education
  • Policies and procedures for EOTC
  • Policies and procedures for outdoor education
  • Sustainable outdoor education


Annual Report for the year ending Dec 312018, presented at the 2019 AGM

Annual Report for the year ending Dec 312017, presented at the 2018 AGM

Annual Report for the year ending Dec 312016, presented at the 2017 AGM