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Day 2 Programme: 

Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland Hub


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This is a day of Wero/challenge, Learning and Exploration in the local environment.

The day begins at the conference venue at Mt Albert Grammar School and progresses beyond the school gates into amazing natural locations.

Cycles are used, with gear provided for those who need it. The group will be fully briefed on Day 1.


8-30 - 8.45 am

Arrival and group assembles


8.45 am

Introduction to format of the day and furhter preparation


9.00 - 10.30 am    

The first WERO (onsite)
10.30 am- 3-30 pm                                


A series of workshops and exploration comprising cultural connection, modern history, Maori history, stories and geology. There's be a biodiversity workshop, explorations of trails and more.

 Key locations include: Mt Albert summit, Oakley Creek waterfall, Arch Hill

There is 1 hour of cycle time built into this block of the programme


3-30 -4.30 pm 

Discussion on the day's learning and application into own learning areas.