Toolkit downloads


The following 18 tools (from the TKI EOTC Tool Kit), are used with the EOTC SMP template. Formatted in Word, they can be tailored to capture a school's own procedures. 

A Zip file containing the full adaptable toolkit can be downloaded.

Form 1.   EOTC Event Proposal, Approval and Intentions form 12.02.18

Form 2.   EOTC Risk Assessment and Supervision form 12.02.18

Form 3:   EOTC Standard Operating Procedures 12.02.18 (stripped of example content)

Form 3 (a).   EOTC Standard Operating Procedures 12.02.18 (with example content)

Form 4.   EOTC Volunteer Assistant Agreement form 12.02.18

Form 5.  EOTC Staff Competence Record form 12.02.18

Form 6.   EOTC External Provider Agreement form 12.02.18

Form 7.   EOTC Blanket Consent Form 12.02.18

Form 8.   EOTC Parent Information letter 12.02.18

Form 9.   EOTC Parental Consent 12.02.18

Form 10. EOTC Event Prepare and Implement Checklist 12.02.18

Form 11. EOTC Transport Plan 12.02.18

Form 12. EOTC Drivers and Passenger Permission form 12.02.18

Form 13. EOTC Equipment Lists 12.02.18

Form 14. EOTC Emergency Response Guide 12.02.18

Form 15. EOTC Incident Report 12.02.18

Form 16. EOTC Equipment Log12.02.18

Form 17. EOTC Event Review 12.02.18

Form 18. EOTC Health Profile 12.02.18


Access the forms as GOOGLE Docs and GOOGLE Forms


Acknowledgement: This EOTC SMP template and set of tools were created, modified, and combined by a project team led by EONZ (Fiona McDonald), with New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (Jo Parsons), Horizons Unlimited (Mark Smith), Perry Outdoor Education Trust (Gemma Periam), Roncalli College (Guy Sutherland), and Papanui High School (Phil Washbourn).


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