Revisioning School Camps PLD


Supporting teachers and schools to develop localised, place-responsive and student-centred school camp programmes

Through extended Ministry of Education Networks of Expertise funding, Revisioning School Camps PLD is being offered across a further 3 locations this year.


The PLD:
  • Is targeted at middle schooling but is applicable across curriculum levels
  • Provides guidance and suggested teaching and learning approaches for schools wishing to provide quality camp learning experiences for their students
  • Involves a 1-day workshop followed by a second part-day and ongoing active support over 6-9 months to assist teachers to implement changes to practice


Leave your interest in the PLD here. You'll receive direct notification once locations and dates for the PLD this year are live and registrations open. We'll also use your interest to plan for NEW LOCATIONS to come on stream next year.


Superb cases studies track the journey of a selection of participating schools to date.

 Go to RSC Case Studies





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