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Revisioning School Camps: Networks of Expertise PLD


Oops.......final details about this new Networks of Expertise PLD project are not yet available. Come back soon and we'll have more information about this superb professional learning opportunity. Development is well underway. 

Purpose of the PLD

  • To strengthen and enhance the competency of teachers to engage students in authentic learning in local places. This will take place through engagement in a one-day workshop followed by ongoing electronic support and a further face to face opportunity.
  • To strengthen and develop Communities of Practice that build capability and adaptive expertise. 

A few factsCover Revisioning School Camp2

  • There is no registration cost for practicing teachers
  • The PLD will run across the county in 12 identifies locations during Term 2 2019 and continue with support into the Communities of Practice that are established
  • The new EONZ new resource, Revisioning School Camps, A teaching and Learning Resource will be unpacked as part of the PLD