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This section carries a range of material to support pedagogy, curriculum, good practice guidance, teaching and learning, theory to practice and more.

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Pedagogy, Classroom and Curriculum 

Material here includes Revisioning School Camps, a newly published resource targeting students in Yrs 7-10. The resource comes with a valuable PLD opportunity during 2019.

Also, find NCEA assessment resources, resources from other agencies, and sustainability action ideas.

HexagonNational EOTC Coordinator Database

All school EOTC coordinators are urged to be a part of this good practice initiative.  Registration ensures relevant good practice EOTC communications are received directly by the EOTC coordinator.  This includes need-to-know information such as changes to good practice, Ministry of Education and outdoor industry sector updates, newly mandated information, and up-skilling opportunities. Check out the database pages through the above link.  Find background here. 

EOTC Management 

A range of support for EOTC management is located here. This includes resources from the Ministry of Education and other agencies, links to online learning modules, an audit tool that can be used for review, forms from the EOTC Guidelines Tool Kit in Google docs format, and information on the Adventure Activity Regulations and their implications for schools. 


  • Published material supporting teaching practice in EOTC and outdoor learning contexts
  • Te Whakatika, the EONZ membership magazine. Find back-issues here.

EOTC Research

Links to a range of research material and research readings and material to help the understanding of what matters for students, to affect change or confirm that you are on the right track.