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Te Whakatika

Te Whakatika[1] – The Aotearoa New Zealand Professional Practice Journal for Outdoor and Environmental learning.

An Exciting New Journey for Te Whakatika – A Call for Papers

We are delighted to announce an exciting new direction for Te Whakatika which respects and holds on to the existing mana of the publication whilst broadening its input and reach. Education Outdoors New Zealand (EONZ) is also delighted and proud to welcome the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE) as a partner for Te Whakatika. Both EONZ and NZAEE members will make up the editorial board, and the publication will reach a broader audience across both organisations and beyond.

We have worked to clarify the rationale / purpose of Te Whakatika and have more clearly articulated the intent of the publication through the sub-title - The Aotearoa New Zealand Professional Practice Journal for Outdoor and Environmental Learning

Te Whakatika Purpose statement

Sitting at the nexus of academic inquiry and educational practice, Te Whakatika seeks to create a space to share good practice, innovative ideas, and critical engagement in outdoor and environmental learning.

In doing so, Te Whakatika seeks to:

  • Provide access to the space between academics and practitioners, to connect these spaces.
  • Encourage academics to make their work accessible to practitioners through practical application
  • Encourage practitioners (teachers and other education providers) to share good practice and innovative ideas from their work through writing articles.
  • Encourage strong connections between theory, research, and practice
  • Encourage and support high quality learning and teaching in outdoor and environmental contexts.

This is a call for contributions to Te Whakatika Winter Issue August 2023

  • Some articles for the Winter issue are already in place. They are focused on the journey that both NZAEE and EONZ have been on over the last several decades whilst looking into the future.
  • In this spirit, we invite more contributions from the NZAEE and EONZ communities. Your article may provide diverse perspectives on your history and reflect on how your past is shaping the present and future of your work. Or it could be something entirely different, for example, poetry written in the outdoors as part of your year 4 coursework, or environmental games you play while going on a local walk.
  • If you have any questions or would like assistance with a potential article idea, please reach out to the editor or one of the editorial board members.
  • Please check out the link below for further information about submitting an article or email the editor – Dr Maureen Legge at: editor@eonz.org.nz

Submission is by 15 May 2023

  • Submit via the EONZ website or a link to EONZ from the NZAEE website or directly to editor@eonz.org.nz
  • Once your submission has been received the editor will email it to a reviewer who will check out the article. They may give feedback and return the article to the editor. The editor checks the feedback and forwards it to the author to consider and rewrite aspects if that is required. The author then returns the article to the editor who prepares it for publication.

Ngā mihi ki a koutou.

Dr Maureen Legge

Editor Te Whakatika


[1] Te Whakatika (formerly known as Out and About) describes the start of a journey (to set out), but also means to make correct (to amend and prepare).

ISSN 2624-0513 (Print) ISSN 2624-0512 (Online) is published by Education Outdoors New Zealand (EONZ).


 For back copies of Te Whakatika, please see our archives page here