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The National EOTC Coordinator Database


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This FREELY available GOOD PRACTICE initiative is available to all schools. Ensure your EOTC coordinator registers.    


Who: The designated EOTC coordinator or that person with overview of EOTC processes in school. 

Why: This ensures relevant good practice EOTC communications are directly received to support the role. 

Register here2  

This is a 2-step process. Once the registration has been processed we'll be in touch with an introduction.


Communications include need-to-know information such as changes to good practice, Ministry of Education and outdoor industry sector updates as they impact on EOTC, new health and safety sector information, up-skilling opportunities and more. Read more about the Database here. 

How do I know if my school is already registered with the Database?


Note: We prefer you use a personalised school address if possible to ensure comms arrive to you.

Network Updates

Network updates are periodically sent to those registered on the database. Copies are filed here and are freely available to read. Take a moment to read the changes to good practice since 2016.

EOTC Management

This section carries an extensive range of resources that support the role of the EOTC Coordinator.  It includes links to useful organisations and websites, a safety management plan template, forms to use in Google format, a self-audit tool, and information on what schools need to know about the Adventure Activity Regulations.

Documentation currency

Be aware of content updates to Ministry of Education resources. Check any downloaded copies of material you have against the information provided here.