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New Zealand Certificate (NZC) in Outdoor Leadership - EOTC


This qualification, with options at Levels 4 and 5, will come on stream in 2019 in line with the national Targeted Review of Qualifications (TROQ).


About this EOTC Qualification

The qualification has been developed by Skills Active Aotearoa in association with EONZ and experienced EOTC educators.

It is designed specifically for EOTC teachers and EOTC co-ordinators in schools and kura, or private contractors providing these services to schools.

The contexts are leading EOTC activities (L4) and coordinating EOTC events (L5) in outdoor settings.


Why is it worthwhile?

The qualification:

  • Validates your role as a professional in EOTC, to schools and parents

  • Gives formal acknowledgment of your specialist EOTC skills and knowledge

  • Is a valuable professional development opportunity

  • Provides a useful stepping stone in your career pathway


Find out from EONZ as to when these qualifications will be available in 2019. 

Go to the Skills Active website for full qualification details.



Subsidies for practicing teachers

Subsidies are currently available to teachers working in New Zealand schools to complete this award. Valued at $260 the subsidy is automatically deducted from the full award value if you meet the criteria.

To access the subsidy teachers must be:

  • An EONZ member, or
  • Have completed approved EONZ facilitated EOTC Managment PLD. 


To access the subsidy:

The subsidy is paid to the school by EONZ on gaining the qualification.


Send an email to EONZ to: 

  • find out if you are eligible and what to do to gain access
  • notify your intent to complete the qualification 

Complete a registration by submitting a Skills Active training agreement application as follows their website process. Complete the coursework and assessment process to gain the award. 


On completion of the award:

  • Present EONZ with evidence of having gained the qualification, and
  • Provide EONZ an invoice from the school for $260 9excl GST)