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Documentation Currency


Guidelines 2016 CoverThe EOTC Guidelines 2016, Bringing the Curriculum Alive is the Ministry of Education document that underpins good practice EOTC management in schools. 


Download from the EOTC Guidelines EOTC homepage at Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI).  

The guidelines are supported by a Toolkit containing 18 forms and an EOTC safety management plan (SMP) template



Currency information: 

(This information was updated on 16 October 2019)

Document         Currency/Version 

EOTC Guidelines 2016, Bringing the Curriculum Alive

  1 July 2017 (Look for the release date inside the top left of the front cover. If there's no date, you are looking at an original 2016 version.)

The Guidelines Tool Kit (Appendix 4)


Safety Management Plan (SMP) template (Appendix 5)



Use the Version Control document on TKI to update on where changes have been made.