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EOTC Management Zoom Series

Join these 45-minute Zooms that focus on topical areas of EOTC management 

The series:
  • is one of a range of initiatives designed to support staff and schools to develop and maintain robust EOTC management processes, and 
  • open to members of school staff widely. 
Make sure:
Meeting schedule:


NEXT MEETING COMING SOON 2024 - 3.45pm to 4.30pm


This meeting will discuss the requirements of EOTC  and what you should include in your plans and planning.


The Zooms will be recorded and made available on the EONZ website for later viewing.

Please contact Gemma Periam at eotcsupport@eonz.org.nz if you have any questions or queries in advance.

Previous presentations:

Join Fiona McDonald and Gemma Periam, EONZ EOTC Support lead, in this series of previously recorded good practice EOTC Management Zooms.


EOTC Emergency Response. Recorded 27th February 2024 (24 mins)


Competency decision making – deciding on what is required to safely deliver EOTC experiences. Recorded 7th November 2023 (25 mins)


What's new in the EOTC Safety Management Plan template? Recorded 10th October 2023 (55 mins)


What's new in the EOTC toolkit? Recorded 29th August 2023 (52 mins)


Reviewing your EOTC System Recorded 23rd June 2023 (39 mins)


Staff Induction and Training Recorded 19 October 2021 (25 mins)


Staff Competence Recorded 7 September 2021 (37 min)


Supervision Structures Recorded 17 August 2021 (51 min)


EOTC Guidelines Review Recorded 9 June 2021 (45 min)


School Sport Safety Management Systems Recorded 11 May 2021 (45 min)


Creating and using Standard Operating Procedures Recorded 13 April 2021 (53 min)


Transporting Students Recorded 9 March 2021 (44 min)


Working with Risk Assessment forms Recorded 10 Nov 2020 (40 min) 


Good Practice Guidelines supporting schools Recorded 13 Oct 2020 (41 Min)


Working with External Providers Recorded 8 Sept 2020 (45 Min)