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Re-visioning School Camps: A teaching and Learning Resource

Education Outdoors New Zealand

A resource for educators working with learners in Years 7-10 that offers guidance and suggested pedagogical approaches in the provision of quality learning experiences for their students. 

Chronological History of EONZ pre 1992 - 2021

Education Outdoors New Zealand

Annotated Chronological History of Education Outdoors New Zealand (EONZ)
Pre 1992 – 2021
By Associate Professor Mike Boyes 2022.

Adventurous Learning: A Pedagogy for a Changing World

Simon Beams and Mike Brown

Adventurous Learning interrogates the word ‘adventure’ and explores how elements of authenticity, agency, uncertainty, and mastery can be incorporated into educational practices. Read more...
Copies can be ordered through Routledge with an eBook order option.

A Pedagogy of Place

Brian Wattchow and Mike Brown

This book offers an alternative vision for outdoor education practice, with emphasis on responding to, and empathising with, the outdoors as particular places, rich in local meaning and
Available in print and online at Fish Pond, Amazon or www.publishing.monash.edu/books/pp.html.

Learning Outside the Classroom: Theory and Guidelines for Practice

Simon Beams, Peter Higgins, and Robbie Nicol

Available in hard and electronic copies through Amazon Books
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Maths Outdoors

Education Outdoors New Zealand

57 different mathematics activities for out of doors. Activities can be adapted to suit a range of curriculum levels from primary through to secondary school.

Download here  Student worksheet copy masters 

Outdoor Education in Aotearoa New Zealand: A New Vision for the Twenty-first Century

Editors: Dave Irwin, Jo Straker, Allen Hill

Essential reading for outdoor educators, teachers, guides, and students who want to expand the possibilities and practices of education. FREE electronic copy.

Te Whakatika

Education Outdoors New Zealand

The EONZ membership magazine, printed and distributed twice-yearly. 

Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs)

Education Outdoors NZ & Recreation Aotearoa

The following guidelines are available to download. The material replaces the now outdated Outdoor Activity Guidelines for Leaders (known anecdotally as the Red Book):

  • Adventure based learning
  • Archery
  • Beach and Surf Activities
  • Camp fire cooking and fires
  • Driving
  • Emergency Communication
  • Environmental Service
  • Flatwater Floating and Paddling
  • General Guidance
  • Inland Waterway Swimming
  • Low Ropes and Confidence Courses
  • Map Based Activities
  • Non-technical Caving
  • Overnight Camping
  • Risk Management Guidance
  • Sliding Activities
  • Snorkelling
  • Target Shooting
  • Tramping


Activity Safety Guidelines

Activity Safety Guidelines (ASGs) set the benchmark for good practice in the following activities: Abseiling, All-terrain vehicles, Alpine hiking, Canyoning, Climbing on artificial structures, Caving, Coasteering, Dive, Heli-skiing, High wire and swing.

EOTC Guidelines 2016 - Bringing the Curriculum Alive

Ministry of Education

An essential resource for all schools to support the teaching and learning of the national curriculum. The guidelines may also be applied more broadly as a good practice guide for other activities that schools are associated with.

Click here to view & download

 The New Zealand Curriculum & Te Marautanga o Aotearoa

Ministry of Education 

The New Zealand Curriculum (2007) and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa set the direction for student learning by the Ministry of Education and provide guidance for schools as they design and review their curriculum. Each start with a vision of young people developing the competencies they need for study, work, and lifelong learning, so they may go on to realise their potential. 

For full information and downloads go to TKI.
Te Marautanga o Aotearoa - Click here