Haerenga (Journeys)

Haerenga (journeys) provide many opportunities within teaching and learning. They can offer a place responsive approach where ākonga can explore history, culture, community and environment while building lasting relationships with significant local places they are traveling through. They can be designed to be simple and low-cost using what is local and readily available and can give ākonga the chance to be part of the design process. 

Planning a Haerenga

Here are some considerations that could assist you when planning a haerenga for your students. This resource is not intended to be prescriptive and some aspects may not be relevant to your school and/or community. 

Planning a haerenga - considerations.

Haerenga stories

Hear about some of the haerenga (journeys) that are happening throughout schools in Aotearoa? We have had 5 generous kaiako share with us via zoom interviews how they are using haerenga in their teaching and learning programmes. Right from ECE through to senior Outdoor Education courses. These interviews are between 10-20 minutes each so if you’re interested, work your way through these awesome stories and ideas. 

Jane Townsend - Nayland College 

Jane Townsend shares information about a project she led a secondary school, enhancing the hauora of ākonga through culturally sustaining and place responsive pedagogies.

Jarrod Clarke - Mt Maunganui College

Jarrod shares with us the story of their Haerenga, and the changes they are looking at for 2022 to follow the path Mauao (Mt Maunagnui) took to get from the Hautere Forest to where he rests today. Jarrod also gives some advice on how to incorporate mātauranga Māori into a haerenga.

Gayle Croft - Tiaki ECE

Tiaki ECE has a vision to 'Walk Softly on the Earth'. They truly walk the walk with this vision and it is at the forefront of everything they do. Gayle (owner and kaiako) shares with us how they use pūrākau (Māori legends) as a vehicle for their learning and planning. By exploring pūrākau and visiting significant local places, the tamariki at Tiaki develop a connection to these places and understand their importance. Listen to the story of these tamariki following the footsteps of Ihenga, the great Te Arawa explorer.

Derrick Newton - Kristen School

Derrick shares about the Yr 9 Outdoor Education 'Less is More' haerenga based on the doorstep of Kristen School. He gives some tips for creating scavenger hunts using technology and tells us about the ins and outs of running an awesome camp within the school grounds. 

Michelle Matthews - Otago Girls High School 

Michelle Matthews from Otago Girls High School shares the story of their haerenga that is based straight out of the school gate exploring and connecting with their local places and weaving in mātauranga Māori. It's a haerenga that is growing and developing every year as Michelle deepens her own knowledge around mātauranga Māori.