NCEA Review on Hold

On 2 April the Ministry of Education made public that it has placed on hold most of the sector engagement work through the NCEA Review and, in particular, the Review of Achievement Standards (RAS). This is to support the Government’s efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19.

EONZ welcomes this action, recognising the significant pressures currently being placed on our learners, our teachers and schools.

The Ministry is keen to continue engaging with the education sector and will be provisionally extending the closing date for the public engagement on the NCEA Level 1 provisional subject list to 20 June 2020, from 20 April, originally.

EONZ urges schools, teachers, students and community to engage with the survey via the link above. Outdoor education is a key area of learning within the Health and Physical Education learning area across all levels of schooling. It is just one learning pathway that begins when learners first engage in EOTC, whether that be an explicit outdoor education activity, or, for example, a walk in the local bush, an exploration of aquatic habitat, a geography field trip, a sporting opportunity or a school camp.

We welcome your support with this submission opportunity.