Revisioning School Camps - a NEW resource now live

Revisioning School Camps is a teaching and learning resource targeting educators working with learners in Years 7-10. 

This essential resource supports schools to design and implement school camps that engage students in authentic learning in local places.

"These guidelines thus aim to provide ideas for school camps that connect children to self, to each other, to their teachers, to their communities, to nature, and to the wider learning outcomes of the New Zealand Curriculum. It is a vision for school camps as opportunities to foster interdisciplinary, long-term, place-based learning where learners co-create the experiences and where decisions are jointly negotiated and consequences for all considered."


Downloadable from a dedicated Resource page on the EONZ website, the resource comes supported with a selection of case studies.

Look out for new PLD coming on stream in 2019 as a Networks of Expertise PLD project. The PLD will utilise the resource to strengthen and enhance the competency of teachers to build such camps into their curriculum.