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More about the Database

Registration as an EOTC Coordinator provides:

  • Direct receipt of relevant EOTC communications
  • Direct support with queries. A dedicated email is available. Use eotcsupport@eonz.org.nz 
  • Direct updates and need-to-know information from the Ministry of Education, Worksafe and more
  • Support to strengthen processes such as systems review, internal incident reporting, and review
  • Relevant professional development information
  • Notification of opportunities to up-skill 
  • Pathways for relevant qualifications across EOTC management and delivery



The National EOTC Coordinator Database network was set up in 2016 as a component of core EOTC support for all schools in New Zealand. It aims to build capability and competency within the role of the EOTC coordinator at both primary and secondary sector levels.

The network is a valuable aspect of good practice in providing a direct pathway of communication to EOTC coordinators.

A school's currency on the database through the designated EOTC coordinator is fully supported by the Ministry of Education and referenced as an aspect of good practice in the EOTC Guidelines 2016, Bringing the Curriculum Alive (p59):

"Registration ensures the EOTC coordinator will receive direct support for their role, including any need-to-know information such as changes to good practice, new health and safety sector information and outdoor sector updates"

If you're not the designated EOTC coordinator, have a conversation with that person to make sure your school has already joined or will join.


Registration ensures that information such as that linked below both reaches the right person and is able to be acted upon: